Vision and values

Share our Vision with LOGOS NGO

We Provide

Opportunities for learning, active participation and self development

We Make

Positive impact to the society we live in

We Act

Consciously and meaningfully

For us this term includes the equal treatment of all who are around us, regardless of nationality, religion, race, social, physical or other limitations. We involve in our projects people who have fewer opportunities than the other and implement projects which promote ideas of tolerance around the world.

Constant learning is an engine of progress. We have a great desire to learn. And we develop people around us. In terms of development of the society, learning comes as an essential part of this process. We wish for every person to develop the ability to think independently and objectively as a result of understanding what is happening around them. In the first place, we focus on non-formal education, training courses, exchanges, seminars etc.

We are being flexible when doing anything. We are open to new ideas and approaches, and when facing challenges we are always looking for solutions.

We enjoy what we do. We create a positive atmosphere around us, which influences our life and work. We think that enjoying what you do is important amd do everything to be positive aboutour activities.

We want to be usefullfor the society we live in. It is important for us to change and develop our society. Our activities develop our members and stakeholders, which bring positive changes later on.