In our daily activities and at our projects we create a lot of different educational materials, which we are happy to share with all of our friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or suggestions, write to us at [email protected]

Since 2017 Logos has been developing the idea of using escape rooms for education. Escape rooms are usually used for fun and

entertainment, but we decided that they can be an interesting tool when speaking about important and serious topics such as human rights. We implemented several training courses since then and taught around 200 youth workers on how to build their own escape rooms for education.

Below you can find toolboxes, that were made for various projects. Each toolbox contains a scenario of the escape room, a plan of the room, a description of the puzzles as well as pictures of the room. If needed anyone can use these toolboxes to build similar rooms anywhere. And if you need help, we are ready to support you. Just write to us at [email protected].

In 2021 we held a training course “Escape to Diversity” supported by the Visegrad Fund where we created a short guide on how to build educational escape rooms. Check it below to understand how you start making an educational escape room, how you choose a room, make puzzles and design interesting story. This guide also contains links to video tutorials that we made to help youth workers build their educational escape rooms.






At Logos we are always looking for new ways of education young people on various topics. One of the approaches that we have used several times – Live action role-playing games or shortly LARP game. In LARP game each of the players gets a role, the specific setting, rules, background and goals are created. It is possible to include educational pieces in LARP games. In Nordic countries, LARP is being used for various purposes. We decided to use this method to educate young people about human rights. At several training courses we provided youth workers with information on how to make this kind of games and as a result, we now have toolboxes, which contain all necessary information needed to make educational LARP games on various topics.


1. Toolboxes from iFeel – iDefend project


2. Toolbox from the Get your horizons expanded project

Starting from 2018, together with our partners we are running international movement devoted to critical thinking – Skepsis. We implemented many projects on topics of critical thinking and media literacy within the framework of the movement. At these projects, a lot of educational materials on critical thinking and media literacy were created by participants. Below you can find Google Drive with everything created under the Skepsis movement – videos, posters, workshops, infographics, games and much more. Feel free to use any of it.

In 2020 Logos, together with our partner – CEFIG implemented training course about social entrepreneurship. During this project we attended various social enterprises in Poznan and learned about how to make similar ones. As a result of the project a toolbox with business ideas was created. Feel free to use it!