Educational and art workshops

Within “Poznawaj” project we organised 40 educational and artistic workshops for youth and adults.

Educational workshops and study visits:

  • First medical aid. July 2022
    The First Aid workshop was conducted by Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji i Turystyki “Rysy” at the office. 17 participants learned important skills like checking breathing, providing ambulance information, performing heart massage, waiting for ambulance, and helping babies with breathing. The techniques were demonstrated and practiced on a manikin.
  • Quests with “Niewidzialna Ulica”. July 2022
    A visit to “Niewidzialna ulica” social enterprise gave us a chance to experience life as someone with vision problems. Led by a blind guide, we explored rooms in complete darkness and learned about Braille, assistive devices and more.
  • Сooking workshops with “Niewidzialna Ulica”. July 2022
    The culinary workshop taught 19 people how to make cookies, with a focus on the history of the recipe and exact measurements.
  • Workshop “Unpacking “I-now”: updating resources and work experience”. August 2022
    During the workshop, participants used coaching practices to clarify their desired career path. They evaluated their skills and achievements and worked in pairs to set achievable goals towards their professional vision. They also identified the first steps towards achieving their goals.
  • Workshop “Basic financial and legal aspects of moving and living in Poland”. August 2022
    The workshop focused on legal stay in Poland and provided information on current options for legalization. The lawyer discussed steps and future prospects for foreigners and their families to ensure a safe and legal future.

  • Critical thinking workshop. August 2022
    Participants attended a workshop on cognitive biases by speaker Emir Shevkiev. They learned about avoiding seller tricks, using critical thinking skills and making informed decisions in everyday life.
  • The vision of “I-tomorrow”: building a vision of the future profession. September 2022
    The “I am tomorrow” workshop helped participants determine their desired future and professional goals using the Ikigai technique. They analyzed connections and made conclusions to determine specific steps for implementation.
  • Polish-ukrainian cooking workshop “Friendly meetings in Niewidzialna Ulica”. September 2022
    Ms. Jola from Niewidzialna Ulica foundation held a cooking workshop with Polish and Ukrainian participants. They cooked Ukrainian Borsch and Pieróg Łazarski, a variation of pierogi from Poznań. The workshop ended with a shared meal where everyone tried the dishes and chatted about both cultures.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Game. September 2022
    A game was played where they ran a simulated business and faced challenges, requiring brainstorming with their partner to maximize profits. The workshop offered a unique opportunity to gain experience in running a social business in a fun and easy way.
  • Study visit to “Muzeum Szreniawa”. October 2022
    The visit to the museum was a special event that offered a tour of the museum and its history. Participants tasted traditional white Polish sausage, visited a children’s workshop, saw old equipment and carriages, and learned about the process of making Polish beer.
  • Media Literacy workshop “How to read news”. October 2022
    The workshop aimed to help participants stay informed while protecting their mental and emotional well-being. Participants learned to choose credible news sources and how to avoid misinformation through media literacy and critical thinking.
  • Polish cooking workshop with “Forklore tour” organization and Rogalowe Museum Poznania. October 2022
    The participants visited the Croissant Museum in Poznań where they learned to make croissants and discovered the city’s history, slang and traditions through exploring historical sites and trying local cuisine like dumplings, zhurek soup and “pyry” potatoes.
  • Workshop “How to monetize and develop your business in Poland”. October 2022
    The lecture at Logos office covered how to turn a craft into a product and monetize it. Zaitsev Agency speakers shared case studies and strategies for finding a job in Poland. A special guest of the workshop was a woman from Ukraine who successfully started a hair salon after relocating due to war.

Art workshops:

Art and musical workshops in cooperation with social club “MY”: