Outdoor activities

Logos NGO organized a range of outdoor activities for Ukrainian refugees and locals from Poznan under the “Poznawaj” project.

The events included multi-day camping, kayakind and climbing trips, one-day outdoor integration events, and family camping weekends. Its primary goal was to encourage participants to build new friendships and engage in cultural exchange. These activities provided an opportunity to enjoy physical activities, camping, cooking, storytelling, and sharing cultures while making new acquaintances.

On July 28-29, Logos organized a Kajaki and Camping trip in Trzciel
. Participants started early in the morning by checking the equipment and receiving instructions on how to operate a kayak and paddle. Group kayaked for 19 km with coffee and lunch breaks, enjoying the beautiful scenery of local lands. At the camping site, participants were divided into teams with mentors who helped us set up tents, kindle the fire and prepare dinner. Participants spent the night by the riverbank and continued their journey the next morning, overcoming 14 km to return to Poznan.

Two family camping events were also organized at Strykowo plaża, from 12-14 August and 2-4 September. The events were attended by participants from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Argentina, who had the opportunity to get to know each other better while participating in joint work and various activities, such as kayaking, catamarans, beach volleyball, badminton, and yoga. In the evenings, participants gathered around the fire to share their stories, sing songs, and discuss international relations in the modern world.

One of the events was the Poland Climbing trip in the Sokoliki mountains. This multi-day event was held from 23-25 September and was a great opportunity for participants to try out and improve their climbing skills in a picturesque location. Professional climbing trainers were present to provide safety instructions, teach participants how to use climbing equipment, and tie knots. Participants were divided into two groups based on their experience in climbing, and several climbing trails were created for them. In addition to climbing, participants also camped and cooked delicious food together while sharing their cultures and stories around the fire.

Logos NGO also organized two walks in the the second largest zoo in Poland – Nowe Zoo, where participants had a great time learning about the zoo’s residents and sharing stories with each other. The event was a great success and helped to foster new friendships and promote cultural exchange among the participants.

Another event was the visit to Termy Maltańskie, which took place on 29 October. Around 45 participants, including families from Ukraine and Poland, spent the weekend together at the aquapark. The event began with an introduction to the safety instructions for being in the water and riding a water slide. Everyone had a great time swimming and resting at the aquapark, and they also had the opportunity to chat with each other and share their stories over some snacks and food.

The Historical trip around Ostrów Tumski and its surroundings was another one-day outdoor integration event held on 5 November. During the walk, the participants visited the most historical place in Poznan and had the opportunity to learn about the founding of the city of Poznan. After visiting the Archdiocese Museum in Poznań, the participants from Ukraine and Poland shared their experiences of life in Poznan while enjoying coffee together.

The Winter fun at the ice rink event was held on 29 November and provided participants with a chance to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and joint winter activities at the Poznań Christmas Fair. The event was a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy their time together in a friendly family atmosphere.