LOGOS is an organisation actively operating in Poland and Ukraine. We work as partners, friends, family. We are united by the same values and intention to make a positive change. Our members and volunteers live and work in more countries though.

Our team consist of young and enthusiastic volunteers from PolandUkraineLatviaGeorgiaTurkeyFrance who are willing to develop and change world around them.












Logos is international now! After several years working on different social projects as a Ukrainian organisation, both taking part and organising multicultural events, we decided to grow up into international NGO and open organization “Logos Polska” in Poland.  We started as a small enthusiastic group in 2015 that was bringing the values of organization to polish youngsters.

Focusing on intercultural exchange, the power of benefits of cultural diversity and hygiene of information our members coordinated participants to several multinational projects in Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Germany and other countries. During this year we met a lot of young people who share the values of our organization and are concerned to make this world a better place to live.

Some of them showed a strong interest in working with us and making positive impact to the society today tho see the changes in tomorrow’s world. So our enthusiastic group became bigger and we felt strong enough to make a next step and now we are proud to inform you that starting from July 2016 we are working as a Logos International with a headquarter in Poland, Poznan.

This is only beginning of our way but we’re very positive about changes we can make! There are so many countries in the world and each has its own culture and experience that is so important to be shared for the sake of better multicultural understanding and cooperation. Due to our goals we are planning to do the best we can to deliver our vision of advantages of the international communication via organizing projects (you can learn more about our upcoming projects here) and coordinating our participants to take part in other projects that are held by our partners.

Projects, which were implemented in Poland

Escape rooms for education: fair future without xenophobia. Poznan, Poland, 2021.

"Escape rooms for education: fair future without xenophobia" was a training course hosted and implemented by Logos. It happened...

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Critical force. Poznan, Poland, 2021

Critical force was a training course that took place in Poznan, Polan in July, 2021. This training course was...

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Mission Impossible. Poland – Lithuania, 2020

From 15th until 21st November, 2020 we implemented our hybrid Youth Exchange: Mission Impossible. The hybrid youth exchange took...

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Think critical. Skepsis. Poznan, Poland, 2020

During 23-30 of August, under the coordination of Logos NGO, we had a possibility to implement a project "Think...

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When neighbours become friends. Poland-Lithuania, 2020

In August 2020, 8 young people from all around Poland have taken part in an innovative and interesting project,...

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This is the future: ideas in mind! Poznan, Poland, 2020

"This is the future: ideas in mind!" was a training course that took place in Poznan, Poland on 4-12...

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Soft skills for group leaders. Poznan, Poland, 2019

About the project Soft skills for group leaders was a training course held in Poznan, Poland between 4th and 12th...

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Critical Thinking. Information hygiene. Poznan, Poland, 2018

Youth Exchange “Critical Thinking. Information hygiene” has been just finished. Good things always come to the end quickly. But...

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Logos Ukraine was founded in 2013 by the group of friends that had attended multiple different international projects. During several years being a part of multicultural environment we imbued the idea of global diversity and international neighbourliness. So as a result of productive work and cooperation non-governmental organisation “Logos” was created in the beginning of 2013. The main goal of the organisation is to  bring the idea of intercultural cooperation to Ukrainian young people providing them with various opportunities to explore the world and broaden their outlook. Three main areas of work of the organisation are: international exchanges,  non-formal education and tolerance popularisation. Since last year we are also focused on the hygiene of information and creation of methods how it could be implemented in daily life. Our team is group or young and active people who want to bring some positive change to local and international society.

During these years members of the organisation participated in various international projects and exchanges. We also organised “Tolerance Camp” in 2013 which gathered representatives of 8 nationalities living in Krym to spread ideas of peace and tolerance. Besides taking active part in projects we coordinated youngsters and youth workers in participation in training courses and multicultural exchanges.

Supporting the idea of Ukraine being a part of the European family we want young people of our country to have a chance to meet other cultures of this family, get familiar with the values and share the experience.

Projects, which were implemented in Ukraine

Our Carpathian Stories. Lviv-Dzembronya-Babyn, Ukraine, 2021

Our Carpathian stories was an almost 2 weeks long Youth exchange, where we used outdoor education and hiking in...

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Escape to diversity. Poltava, Ukraine, 2021

Escape to diversity is a project about escape rooms for educational purposes. At this training course, we gathered 20...

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a:pART project

Project a:pART will create collaborative audiovisual Art-Tandems between Ukrainian and German artists in the fields of music, performing and...

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Carpathian stories. Lviv, Ukraine, 2019

Project description The Youth exchange Carpathian Stories brought 30 participants from 6 different countries  - Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Belarus, Russia...

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Carpathian explore. Lviv, Ukraine, 2019

About the project Youth Exchange “Carpathian Explore” brought 35 participants from 7 different countries together to share each country’s culture,...

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EXIT for human right! Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018

We made training course “EXIT for human right” in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 09-18 of November, 2018. Logos and Soeholm...

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Carpathia Lab. Lviv, Ukraine, 2018

The Youth exchange Carpathia.lab brought 32 participants from 6 different countries together to explore the beauty, diversity and fragility...

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Critical thinking – clean mind. Lviv, Ukraine, 2018

The main aim of the youth exchange Critical Thinking Clean Mind was to gather young people from 6 countries...

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LOGOS LATVIA (2017-2021)

Logos Latvia started as a small enthusiastic group in 2017 that was bringing the values of the organization to Latvian youngsters. The main goal for Logos Latvija was to provide the opportunity for Latvian youth to get to know themselves through the surrounding reality, for making qualitatively new decisions about their lives and their own life mission, as well as create their own projects focusing on peacebuilding and the power of benefits of cultural diversity.

Logos Latvia acted as a community of different people with diverse competencies and experiences united by one goal – to make this world a better place for all of us. Three main areas of work of the organization were: international exchanges, education and tolerance.

In 2021 Logos Latvia management and members decided to work as a separate organisation – UNTU. We respect their desire to develop in a new way and wish them all the best.