EXIT for human right! Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018

EXIT for human right! Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018

What was it about?

We made training course “EXIT for human right” in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 09-18 of November, 2018. Logos and Soeholm 4H (Denmark) implemented this project, which was funded by Danish National Agency.

At this training course we had 24 young leaders and NGO activists working with youth, on 8 days long training course. Our aim was to raise awareness about Human rights in such topics as children rights, migration and life of people with limited abilities through making Human rights escape room, as well as understanding how to use escape rooms as a learning tool in order to create similar projects on Human rights back at local communities.

At this training course we made human rights escape room in spheres of discrimination of people based on children rights, migration and life of people with limited abilities.

Following objectives were set for the project:

  • To spread ideas of human rights protection among participants, partner organisations and guests of the training course
  • Provide youth workers and NGO workers with tools and knowledge on how to organise escape rooms, which will bring ideas of human rights protection to greater amount of people
  • To create working tools which can be used in local communities
  • To show that dealing with human rights can be done in various ways through providing participants with ideas and methods on non-standard approach to human rights education
  • To develop a network of youth workers and NGO workers in Europe who are ready to do quest rooms on human rights by giving them an opportunity to practice this approach and creating a good atmosphere for connection between participants
  • To raise awareness of such human rights topics as children right, migration and life of people with limited abilities.

How did it go?

This was our second project in Ukraine about escape rooms. The training course was delivered by trainers Emir Shevkiiev, Julia Zaitseva-Kirk and Marko Boyko.

Our project was supported by the museum of Ukrainian diaspora, which provided us with the space to create our rooms. Our participants built 3 great escape rooms and we invited local people to come and play. At the open even we had around 30 guests, who had a chance to learn and play at the same time.

After the project was over we kept one of the rooms built for participants in order to let other people come and play. It worked for 3 months and attracted players who could feel “in the skin” of a person with limited abilities. During its work, the room was administered by Logos members and volunteers. This is the web-site of the room – http://escaperoom.logos.tilda.ws/

The rooms that participants built:

"Habibi migration"

Experience is the core of learning, escape room is the best experience and thus a great learning opportunity. In this case the topic is rights of migrants. Being in the room participants face a number of issues that are very likely to happen to migrants. They are often being treated like “less important” or “unimportant” beings and the goal of the game is to make people feel it and understand the whole seriousness of the situation by wearing the shoes of those, who have to leave their homelands in the search of better life. People may be sorry for others, who go through difficulties, but they never realize the essence of the issue unless they go through the same.

"Shit happens"

We want to teach people about the daily abuse and breaking of children’s human rights. We want the player to go through the room with the feeling of being a child. The feeling of not being as human as the parents. This is done with the chaining at first, and then puzzle after puzzle that symbolizes the problems that children might face as they are growing older. A belt that symbolizes physical abuse and a computer that symbolizes the limitation of information.

"Superheroes wanted"

Hello everyone! Have you ever imagined yourself being a superhero? Today we will give you the possibility to become one and now you can choose your own superpower!

This room’s goal is to raise awareness of people about people with disabilities.
We want players to better understand feelings of people with disabilities. To do that players will havwe to find a job, but they will have to do it with some obstacles they didn’t think of before entering the room.

Below you can directly access toolboxes on the rooms made by participants

In each “toolbox” you can find following information:

  • Explanation of what is the room about
  • Description of storyline and puzzles
  • Plan of the room
  • Pictures of the room

If you want to build a similar room, but have some questions, don’t hesitate to write us [email protected]

Partners of the project

The project was implemented by Logos and Søholm 4H, but we had great partners supporting us with their contributions and members:

  • Armenia  – Youth For Change Civil Society Development
  • Azerbaijan – Azerbaycan Tefekkur Gencler Assosiasiyasi
  • Italy – EURO SUD
  • Poland – Logos Polska
  • Ukraine – Logos Ukraine
  • Latvia – Logos Latvija
  • Russia – “OPORA“

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