Escape for reality. Vilagarcia, Spain, 2018

Escape for reality. Vilagarcia, Spain, 2018

What was it about?

Training course “Escape for reality” happened in Vilagarcia, Spain, on 17-25 of February, 2018. This project was implemented by Logos and Arousa Moza (Spain) and funded by Spanish National Agency.

At this training course we gathered 24 young leaders and NGO activists working with youth, on 7 days long training course with the aim to provide them with knowledge and skills needed for creation of escape rooms which could be used as learning tools when working with young people.

At this training course we made human rights escape room in spheres of discrimination of people based on cultural, ethnic and religion background (migrants and refugees) and limited abilities.

Following objectives were set for the project:

  • Spread ideas of human rights protection
  • Provide youth workers with tools and knowledge on how to organize escape rooms, which will bring ideas of human rights protection to greater amount of people
  • Show that dealing with human rights can be done in various ways through providing participants with ideas and methods on non-standard approach to human rights education
  • To create working tools which can be used in local communities
  • Start a network of youth workers in Europe who are ready to do quest rooms on human rights by giving them an opportunity to practice this approach and creating a good atmosphere for connection between
  • Bring understanding of nowadays problems in human rights area through giving examples, ideas and theoretical knowledge during the project
  • To raise awareness of such human rights topics as
    migration and life of people with limited abilities

How did it go?

This was third time when we used escape rooms for education. The training course was delivered by trainers Emir Shevkiiev and Marko Boyko. Our participants built 3 great escape rooms and we invited local people to come and play. At the open even we had around 30 guests, who had a chance to learn and play at the same time.

The rooms that participants built:

"aMAZEing Humans"

An alien race wants our earth. For colonization. But.. they have some sort of morality, so they will not invade us if we prove ourselves worthy. That means intelligent, kind, empathic and strong. So they will TEST us. Four to six people will start the test with their hands tighten, in a room. Fortunately, the aliens decided to make a time loop and test multiple persons in the same time, and the same place. Some of the previous successfully tested humans managed somehow to send us some information, written on a newspaper from the near future. And the game begins.


Amnesia ER gives the players a sense of feeling and understanding that phenomenon of amnesia can relate to everyone in different ways (car accident, disease, traumatic experience ec.). A person suffering from amnesia is extremely vulnerable and exposed to the most horrifying criminal activities like
trafficking, torture, organs trade or murder. The room is designed in a way that the players who wake up inside of a room in a psychiatric hospital, discover their personal stories interlinked with amnesia cases must escape the room before those criminals will do the worst.

"Family reunion"

At the beginning of the game we introduce our players to the storyline of the room:
“ You have managed to run away from your country, which is in a state of war, and you have reached Spain. After a long procedure you have finally found a job in a clothes factory. But, unfortunately, your boss is a bad person and forced you to work as slaves and has locked you in the factory building. Part of your family has managed to escape from this horrible place and has also left the country. You need to follow the clues they left behind to find out where they are and go to read them.”

Below you can directly access toolboxes on the rooms made by participants

In each “toolbox” you can find following information:

  • Explanation of what is the room about
  • Description of storyline and puzzles
  • Plan of the room
  • Pictures of the room

If you want to build a similar room, but have some questions, don’t hesitate to write us [email protected]

Partners of the project

The project was implemented by Logos and Arousa Moza, but we had great partners supporting us with their contributions and members:

  • Greece – Hellenic Youth Participation
  • Germany – Gruner Grashalm Ev
  • Latvia – Logos Latvija
  • Italy – Euro Sud
  • Romania – Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa
  • Malta – Terra Di Mezzo TDM 2000 Malta

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