Activities for children

Art workshops for children

Logos organised a series of artistic workshops for children as part of “Poznawaj” project.

These workshops were designed to encourage creativity and develop handcraft skills among kids. The workshops included “Space around us”,  “Colourful salt”, “Play with clay”, “Fall art”, “Tote bag painting”, “Christmas decorations” and “3D Christmas cards” workshop. The children who participated in the workshops were able to sculpt, paint, and build architectural layouts, enhancing their artistic abilities. We believe that providing children with opportunities to explore and express their creativity through various mediums is crucial in their overall development.

Art workshops for children in cooperation with social club “MY”

During July-December 2022, we partnered with social club “My” to offer a series of exciting and creative workshops for children.

The workshops covered a range of artistic activities and included sessions such as creating a theatrical performance from scratch, designing puppet shows, crafting stories and small worlds in boxes, and making newspapers using various art techniques. They also had the opportunity to meet Aliaksandr Zdanowich (Maliawanych), the beloved Belarusian actor and host of the children’s program “Kalychanka”, who provided a warm and safe environment for kids to play, read, and learn about puppet theater. The final workshop of the year involved making toys for a mini-performance, where children watched their characters run through snow-capped mountains. Through these workshops, children were able to develop their artistic skills and express their creativity in a fun and engaging way.

English clubs for children

Logos office hosted over 40  English learning clubs for children aged between 4 to 12, as part of the “Poznawaj” project.

These clubs aimed to improve children’s language abilities, including speaking, reading, and listening, on various topics. The activities were designed to make language learning an enjoyable, effortless, and stimulating experience for the children, with active games, energizers, quizzes, and worksheets being some of the teaching tools employed. Educational videos and animations related to the lessons’ theme were screened, and the children sang and danced together to enhance their learning experience. Moreover, the children were given an opportunity to communicate with their peers during the classes, fostering a sense of community and providing them with the chance to make new friends.