Integrational picnics and brunches

During 6 month of Poznawaj project we organised 4 outdoor picnics and 2 integrational brunches in Poznan.

Integrational picnics

The Poznawaj project organized a series of international picnics with the aim of bringing people from different countries together and promoting social integration. The picnics took place in various picturesque locations in Poznan, such as Cytadela Park, the Warta River Embankment and a place for firemaking near Warta river “Miejsce na ognisko”.

During the picnics, guests were treated to food and drinks provided by local restaurants and organizations, such as “Surfing Cowboy”, World Central Kitchen and social club “MY”. The picnics also featured musical performances and workshops, where participants had the opportunity to play exotic instruments and sing songs from different cultures.

At the picnics, participants had the chance to socialize, make new friends, and participate in various activities, such as playing volleyball, badminton and listening to music. The picnics were attended by representatives from more than 8 countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Argentina and the Netherlands.

Overall, the Poznawaj project’s international picnics were a great success, providing a platform for people from different backgrounds to come together, enjoy good food, music, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Integrational brunches at “Surfing cowboy”

The “Poznawaj” project organized 2 international brunch events at Surfing Cowboy, held on August and October 2022.

During this events, attendees participated in “speed dating” and a Polish-Ukrainian quiz, which aimed to raise awareness about culture, history, and tradition. The events also included activities for children, with international volunteers and translators providing entertainment.

Guests were treated to food from Surfing Cowboy and live music from the band Dirty Feetz at the first event, who came from Berlin at the invitation of the organizers. The second event also featured a brunch with live music and snacks, as well as speed dating and quizzes for attendees of all ages. Both events provided opportunities for attendees to socialize, have fun, and make new friends.