Logos Live Workshop

When the global pandemic started in 2020, our organisation, same as any other around the world had to postpone and even cancel some of our activities. But we decided that we would like to continue bringing positive impact and doing something useful. Members of Logos came up with the idea to do online workshops, so we created the project that we call “Logos Live Workshop” or LLW. Starting from April our members and volunteers delivered a series of online workshops for our subscribers at Facebook page on different topics. As for the middle of June, we delivered 7 online workshops, with a total number of 7600 views. This project is coordinated by our SMM manager Merry Tetemadze.

Below you can check the workshops, that were made within “Logos Live Workshop” project, enjoy!

LLW#1. At our very first workshop, our member Iryna Sytnik speaks about the ecological lifestyle. This video will be useful for those who want to change their lives to be more eco-friendly.

LLW#2. Sofiia and Anastasia share tools for developing creative thinking. They give examples of how to find creative solutions for problems, which are different to deal with.

LLW#3. At this workshop, our volunteer Mariia gives you a chance to heal with art. Take your time, prepare papers, brushes and paint.

LLW#4. Our volunteer from Turkey – Fatma and Topku speak about Turkish culture and at the same time cook some delicious Turkish food. (Be careful when watching if you are hungry!)

LLW #5. One more workshop devoted to eco-lifestyle. Our member Iryna is speaking on how to make composter at home and produce less waste.

LLW #6. On this workshop devoted to the international day of action for women’s health our member Iryna and our guest Yulia are speaking about a very important topic – women’s health

LLW #7. Let’s debunk these fakes. In this workshop our member Viktoriia shares some useful tips on how to deal with fake information. Check more information about critical thinking at Skepsis movement page.

LLW #8. Marko Boyko speaks about opportunities (Volunteering, Youth Excnganges, and Training Courses) in 2020 and how COVID-19 affected them