Personal image usage consent

  1. I, hereafter signed in this Google forms hereby consent to Hromadska Organizatsiya “Logos znannya” and STOWARZYSZENIE PROJEKTÓW MIEDZYNARODOWYCH “LOGOS POLSKA” to use my image provided by me or settled in images taken in the implementation of the statutory tasks of the Logos NGO.
  2. I give an irrevocable consent to Logos or another person on behalf Logos to manager original content with my personal image, copying the image with all the currently available techniques and methods, distribution and publishing, also with personal images of other people’s as part of the statutory activities of Logos, the materials for dissemination activities carried out by Logos statutory and affiliates, subsidiaries and parent companies in relation to Logos through the dissemination of the image in
    • a) the electronic media, in particular on the Internet;
    • b) in the press;
    • c) brochures, flayers, newsletters, internal publications, etc.;

for a period from the day of signing the employment agreement to 5 years after the end of the contract.

  1. I declare that the use of my personal image in accordance with this Consent does not affect anyone's personal rights or other rights.
  2. Logos may transfer to others the right to use the image under the terms of this Consent in order to promote the activities of Logos and related entities, subsidiaries and parent companies in relation to Logos
  3. I give consent to Logos to entrust Fundacja TechSoup with my personal image processing

exclusively for the purpose of promotion of activities within the project “Radical Awareness Game Engagement” (Grant Agreement number 812621)

  1. I certify that I give this Consent free of charge.