Behind the reality. Bisceglie, Italy, 2018

Behind the reality. Bisceglie, Italy, 2018

What was it about?

“Behind the reality” was a training course that we did in Bisceglie, Italy on 1-9 of December, 2018. Project was powered by EUROSUD and Logos under Erasmus+ programme with funds from Agenzia nazionale per i giovani.

At this training course we had 30 young leaders and NGO activists from 10 countries. Our aim was to raise awareness about Human rights in spheres of migration and disabilities through making Human rights escape rooms.

We made 3 human rights escape room in spheres of children rights, domestic violence and gender equality

Following objectives were set for the project:

  • Spread ideas of human rights protection
  • Provide youth workers with tools and knowledge on how to organise escape rooms, which will bring ideas of human rights protection to greater amount of people, especially youth.
  • Bring understanding of nowadays problems in human rights area through giving examples, ideas and theoretical knowledge during the project
  • Create working tools which can be used in local communities
  • Show that dealing with human rights can be done in various ways through providing participants with ideas and methods on non-standard approach to human rights education
  • Start a network of youth workers in Europe who are ready to do quest rooms on human rights by giving them an opportunity to practice this approach and creating a good atmosphere for connection between participan
  • Raise awareness of such human rights topics as migration and disabilities.

How did it go?

The training course was delivered by trainers Emir Shevkiiev and Marko Boyko.

At the project our participants built 3 escape rooms and we invited local people to come and play. At the open even we had around 40 guests, who had a chance to learn and play at the same time. Even though we planned to have 3 games per room, we had so many guests that we prolonged and had around 5-6 games played in each room.

The rooms that participants built:


A group of longtime friends receive a phone call from Tina, the sister of one of their friends: Angela. Tina lives abroad and she’s worried about Angela because she hasn’t heard from her in a long time, so she asked the group of friends/participants to go to her house to check if they can find her and/or find out what is happening. Angela lives with her boyfriend and she seems to be leading a happy life.

“I want to be a child”

Aleksandra is an eleven years old girl who enjoys going to school and spending time with her friends. Her family is poor and they got an offer to send her away from her country to marry an older man. They accepted the offer without talking to Aleksandra first. Two weeks before the wedding she stopped going to school. Daniela is her neighbor and best friend and she tried to go to her house but Aleksandra’s parents always tell her off. Daniela, her classmate, went to the police because she was worried. They told her they can’t do anything until they have evidence. She decided to contact her classmates to help her find the evidence in Aleksandra’s house.

"Where is Anna"

Find information about mysterious Anna’s disappear through following her last day step by step AND collect 4 cards (1 in each of her everyday life steps).

Educational goal of the room is to raise awareness for the Gender equality
issues happening around world. Underlining the problem of harassment in
different daily situations (public space, transport, workplace, nightlife etc. ) and the topic for human trafficking of women and transgender people.

Below you can directly access toolboxes on the rooms made by participants

In each “toolbox” you can find following information:

  • Explanation of what is the room about
  • Description of storyline and puzzles
  • Plan of the room
  • Pictures of the room

If you want to build a similar room, but have some questions, don’t hesitate to write us [email protected]

Partners of the project

The project was implemented by Logos and EUROSUD, but we had great partners supporting us with their contributions and members:

  • Malta  – Prisms Malta
  • Romania – Asociatia super tineri
  • Czechia – European Youth Centre Breclav
  • Bulgaria – Druzhenie balgarski mladezhki forum
  • Belgium – Sof belgium vzw
  • Netherlands – International labour association
  • Croatia – Udruga enas
  • Poland – Logos Polska
  • Latvia – Logos Latvija

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