Escape Game For Your Rights! Riga, Latvia, 2019

Escape Game For Your Rights! Riga, Latvia, 2019

What was it about?

We made training course “Escape game for your rights!” in Riga, Latvia, on 06-15 of May, 2019. Project was implemented by the team of Logos Latvia and Logos Poland and funded by Latvian National Agency.

At this training course we had 21 young leaders and NGO activists working with youth, on 8 days long training course. Our aim was to raise awareness about Human rights in such topics as refugees and immigrants, gender equality and domestic violence and special needs. This was realised through constructing Human rights escape room, as well as understanding how to use it as a learning tool in order to create similar projects on Human rights back at local communities by youth and NGO workers who work with young people.

Following objectives were set for the project:

  • To spread ideas of human rights protection among participants, partner organisations and guests of the training course,
  • Equip youth workers and NGO workers who work with young people with tools and knowledge on how to organise escape rooms, to implement human rights education to diverse target groups
  • To create working tools which can be used in local communities
  • Demonstrate that dealing with human rights can be done in various ways through providing participants with ideas and methods on non-standard approach to human rights education
  • Bring an understanding of current challenges in the HR area through providing concrete examples, ideas and theoretical knowledge during project
  • To develop a network of youth workers and NGO workers who work with young people in EU who are ready to use quest rooms on human rights by giving them an opportunity to practice this approach and creating a good atmosphere for connection between participants
  • To raise awareness of human rights topics relating to refugees and immigrants; gender equality and domestic violence; citizens with special needs.

How did it go?

This project was very special for us as it was the first training course that we implemented in Latvia by Logos Latvia. The training course was delivered by trainers Emir Shevkiiev and Marko Boyko and it was organised by Jekaterina Orlova and her team.

At the project, we had a chance to build rooms in the building in the centre of Riga. Our participants built 3 great escape rooms and we invited local people to come and play. At the open event we had around 30 guests, who had a chance to learn and play at the same time.

The rooms that participants built:


The educational goal of the room is to highlight gender-based workplace discrimination/harassment and gender-biases.

Main goal for players during the game is to collect evidence that a company is participating in unlawful gender-based discrimination by sneaking into the company office. And to find the key to get out of there within one hour by finding the extra set of keys inside the room.

Desrever Rorrim Yxalag (Reversed Mirror Galaxy)

Educational goal of the room is to give participants the experience of entering a new “culture” and its difficulties: new language, weird logics, new symbols, new way to communicate and a lot of “bureaucratic” procedures. We expect that people will be move sensitive towards the newcomers and more helpful when requested.

Main goal for players during the game is to find the procedure to get asylum and fulfil all tasks to get the final permit.

Classroom of special needs

Educational goal of this room is to let players experience the limitations of a disability. To do this each players gets a random limitation – reduced vision, movement, hearing or touch.

Main goal for players during the game is to escape from the classroom. That is hard to do with all the limitations set by the room, but if players manage to work as a team they will succeed!

Below you can directly access toolboxes on the rooms made by participants

In each “toolbox” you can find following information:

  • Explanation of what is the room about
  • Description of storyline and puzzles
  • Plan of the room
  • Pictures of the room

If you want to build a similar room, but have some questions, don’t hesitate to write us [email protected]

Partners of the project

The project was implemented by teams of Logos Poland and Latvia, but we had great partners supporting us with their contributions and members:

  • Lithuania: Visagino sporto central
  • Netherlands: Stichting CAAT Projects
  • Czechia: Asociace TOM CR, TOM21105 DUMANCI
  • Romania: Asociatia “Un strop de fericire”
  • Russia – OPORA

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