Uploading…Critical Thinking. Potenza, Italy, 2019

Uploading…Critical Thinking. Potenza, Italy, 2019

About the project:

“Uploading… Critical thinking” was a training course that took place in Potenza, Italy between 6th and 14th of February, 2019 and was created by Logos and EURO-NET. This project was made within the framework of Skepsis movement. It was made and co-funded under Erasmus+ programme.

Project aim
The aim of the “Uploading…Critical Thinking” was to gather youth workers, trainers and leaders from 6 EU countries (Italy, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Greece) who would learn together about the international movement devoted to developing critical thinking and promotion of the media literacy skills among young people and to develop ideas for future activities and projects in terms of this movement.

Project objectives

  • Provide youth workers with tools and knowledge on the topic critical thinking and media literacy
  • Increase understanding of how media and social networks affect our perception
  • Increase media literacy among the participants
  • Develop skills of critical thinking among participants
  • Continue the work from YE in the sphere of building the concept, vision, brand, logo, motto, and possible activities for the movement devoted to the critical thinking and media literacy
  • Find common ground and innovative ideas for future partnership working using the skills and лnowledge of people from diverse backgrounds
  • Develop future projects on the topic
  • Raise participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries

Project results

Participants of the “Uploading…Critical Thinking” worked on the creation of various tools for developing critical thinking and media literacy skills. These tools are available in the folder below. Feel free to use them for your work.

Project partners

Following organisations partnered in this project:

  • EURO-NET – Italy
  • Logos Polska – Poland
  • Erasmus Student Network Greece (ESN Greece) – Greece
  • AROUSA MOZA – Spain
  • Hea Hombre – Estonia
  • Logos Latvia – Latvia

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