Critical Thinking. Information hygiene. Poznan, Poland, 2018

Critical Thinking. Information hygiene. Poznan, Poland, 2018

Youth Exchange “Critical Thinking. Information hygiene” has been just finished. Good things always come to the end quickly. But let me share with you what I actually experienced: I gained lots of necessary information, met 32 enthusiastic and motivated people, learned some Hungarian, Slovakian and Czech, made good friends and created the new movement. How? Through the opportunity of international organization Visegrad Fund, which funded this YE.

This was an excellent chance for 32 youth people from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary to come together and plunge into the issue of media literacy, cognitive biases, raise the awareness and understanding of our cultures and countries.

Day by day we deal with the very simple to more serious issues. Various creative workshops led us to better understand the media influence and its effect. We all learned about different biases and how actually biased all people are. It all happens unconsciously. By judging Abigail’s decisions, we understood that not always we see the situation as it is, and we only evaluate everything from one perspective. Through the debate time, we tested our abilities to persuade people. Discussion of the current media situation in our countries made us more aware of how careful we should be with the media.

The biggest day was actually the OPEN EVENT, which was a rewarding moment for the participants. This day we showed and shared about our work done during the training course. It was amazing teamwork which turned in an online game “Do YOU KNOW YOURSELF?”, which we played online and after discussed our results and gave a clear explanation on biases. The colourful leaflets and posters were created about critical thinking. Lots of work has been done to translate the information which we had into Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian languages. The video team impressed everyone with their own creation of the notion “Critical Thinking”.

We have learned a lot and succeeded in a REALLY good result. All these we achieved due to the good work of our trainers Marko Boyko and Anna Golovchenko, who were always there leading us the right direction. We are grateful to the NGO “Logos Polska” for providing us with such opportunity to take part in the Youth Exchange, for support in preparation for the project. Finally, good things are happening for a reason. This good reason turned out to be us! Thanks to all people who were involved here and the organisation which made this event happen: Logos Polska, Centrum finanční gramotnosti, SYTEV, EBI – Egyesület Békéscsaba Ifjúságáért.

Check the video from the project

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