Mission Impossible. Poland – Lithuania, 2020

From 15th until 21st November, 2020 we implemented our hybrid Youth Exchange: Mission Impossible. The hybrid youth exchange took place online and offline at the same time. Some of participants gathered together in Poland and some gathered in Lithuania. Other joined online.

Thanks to our partners from Lithuania Stovykla „Draugai“ and the donors Jaunimo Reikalų Departamentas we gathered 20 young people from Lithuania and Poland, both on-line and off-line in Poznań; who spend 5 days exchanging ideas, experiences and having a lot of fun.

The participants had the chance to learn a little bit more about the concept of social business, to get the awareness of the social problems that both societies, Polish and Lithuanian, are facing nowadays; and to propose real solutions to those through their own social business projects.

Moreover, we had the chance to present our countries through creative presentations, music, legends and quizzes in our Lithuanian and Polish intercultural sessions.

Once again we would like to congratulate our participants for their commitment and amazing job and to our partners as well as donors for making it possible to implement such as amazing initiative, especially taking into account the current difficulties we are all facing.

Think critical. Skepsis. Poznan, Poland, 2020

During 23-30 of August, under the coordination of Logos NGO, we had a possibility to implement a project "Think critical. Skepsis" in Poznan, Poland. This project was implemented within the Skepsis movement 
For a whole week, we have been working on the themes of critical thinking and media literacy with 4 countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.
Trainers presented some interesting information on cognitive biases, logical fallacies, misconceptions, fake news, and fake photos. Then, participants were asked to create their own workshops and they did it in an amazing way:
- Some of them staged interactive theatre including logical fallacies and cognitive biases.
- Some people designed stickers on "Smart fact-checking"
- Another team made a Kahoot presentation of biases.
- Moreover, one team decided to involve an article analysis of the Russian vaccine.
- And the last team also did an incredible thing. They filmed a video, a social experiment, you already saw on our page.
Unfortunately, the project is over. Everybody is already home. Because of the pandemic situation, some activities were cancelled, but anyway, the project was really educational.
Don’t forget that the learning process can be also fun and not exhausting!
The project was supported by International Visegrad Fund.
We have created a website where all the outcomes you can find. You can definitely use it and share it with others.

Logos organization and Skepsis movement are thankful to all of you, partners, and participants, for this educational project to happen. We hope you found out new knowledge or at least now know the direction to move on.

This project was developed and hosted by Logos and implemented together with our great partners:

When neighbours become friends. Poland-Lithuania, 2020

In August 2020, 8 young people from all around Poland have taken part in an innovative and interesting project, an exchange of cultures online with a Lithuanian partner.

The first day was mainly to get the participants more aware of the program and the common rules of the project, but it was the 'first contact' between the two groups, which was interesting to see.

The second day started with the Language exchanges that they would continue doing until the end of the project, a short and sweet way of learning some more about the language of the other group.

The third day was one of the first intercultural night, in which the Lithuanian side shared some valuable information about their country.

The most important activity during the 4th day was the one about the national fairytales, both teams taking a more modern approach regarding some very old tales.

The fifth day was marked by another presentation, this time the Poles presented their country and some valuable information.

The last two days were more about the City Challenge that was exhausting yet fun for everyone involved. Videos were created, great moments were shared between the groups and a final heartfelt goodbye on the last day from both groups with a promise of both groups meeting sometime down the line.

All in all, a great experience for the youngsters, filled with great achievements, laughs and unforgettable experiences!

By Celin Boldea

ESC stories. Nuray Yaşar

As Logos EVS volunteer I spent beautiful 6 months in Poland and I want to mention my EVS journey. Everything started with an open call on a Facebook group. Logos was looking for volunteers from Turkey and I applied for it. Back then I had no idea about Logos NGO. After a successful selection process, I came to Poznan and started to support my organization at the office and the local activities. I organized workshops, made presentations at schools, attended a fair to represent Logos and etc. I met amazing people and built new friendships. I gained new skills and experiences during my voluntary service. I am glad to join to EVS program and be part of the Logos family."

Thank you Nuray and Logos wish you full of successes🤩

ESC stories. Selin Üstüner

My 6 month Evs journey has come to an end. It was difficult for me in the beginning to adapt to a new country, new people, but thanks to LOGOS family it didnt last long 🙂 I gained new perspectives, ideas and it helped me to better understand who I am, what I like, what I enjoy.
I have experienced a lot of stuff that I wouldnt experience in my own country. I am glad that I left my comfort zone and decided to do that. Leaving my comfort zone helped me to become aware of my responsibilities more and more.
I participated to a lot of activities, events, trainings and met many wonderful people that influenced me.
I feel myself very lucky to have such and amazing experince and memories that I wouldn't forget for the rest of my life! 🙂
Thank you all for making this journey amazing, I highly recommend you to be a part of this family!

This is the future: ideas in mind! Poznan, Poland, 2020

"This is the future: ideas in mind!" was a training course that took place in Poznan, Poland on 4-12 of January, 2020. This project was developed by Centrum financni gramotnosti and Logos and hosted by Logos Polska. The training course was made within Erasmus+ programme and funded by the Polish national agency.

Project aim:

Aim of the project was to empower people to expand job opportunities in their communities through transforming skills they improve during the TC.


  • To explain the sustainability and independence of social enterprises on real examples.
  • Implement creating a social enterprise as an alternative to NGO.
  • Transfer entrepreneurial skills such as budgeting, digital tools for promotion, business plan creation.
  • Make sure participants are able to transfer the skills to young people through various interactive methods.

Issues addressed:

  • Lack of professionalism /competencies in Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Unemployment
  • Slow (or non-existent) inclusion of people with fewer opportunities.
  • Social exclusion
  • Lack of youthworkers' skills like budgeting, fundraising and promoting via digital tools

Project results

During the project a ToolBox with business ideas for social entrepreneurship was developed and it is available below

ESC stories. Cihat in Poznan

Hello Logos Family;
First of all, I would like to thank that you made me a part of this family even if it’s a 6-months adventure. I've learned so much I can use at every moment of my life. It wasn’t difficult to adapt to Poland life and its culture for me, of course, thanks to Logos NGO 🙂

With a nice start, I've been to a kindergarten in Poznan together with other Turkish volunteers. We tried to introduce everything about Turkish culture to children.

One of my biggest tasks at Logo NGO was to conduct interviews. We were getting applications to participate in projects like training courses, youth exchange, seminar, etc.
I supported my team in the selection stage of participants for different projects by organizing skype interviews. I had an opportunity to participate in one of the projects like this as well. Thus, I went to Paris, France in order to attend to project called ''Hate Speech'. I have briefly expressed my experiences to you.

Once again I would like to thank the Logos family for the opportunity to have these beautiful experiences.


ESC stories. Banu’s adventures in Poznan

Hello dear my Logos family
I am Banu from Turkey. I had started my EVS adventure on the 19th of February. Last week, My amazing volunteering is finished. I've spent an amazing 6 months with Logos. Fist of all I have to say thank you to Marko Boyko who is my coordinator and all Logos Family. Thanks to them, I felt like I am at home all the time. Thanks to them, I joined a lot of youth activities, workshops, events during my EVS. Actually, I have so many people I wanna say "thanks" but before everyone else, I wanna say that "I was very lucky to have you guys" to my EVS friends who are Fatma, Ilyas, Dicle, Cihat, Abdülkadir, Merve, Ozan, and Berk.
My EVS experience has changed the perspective of my life. Currently, I am stronger than I just came to Poland. I will stay keep in touch with Logo's family for the rest of my life.
I exactly recommend you to join the Logos family. Now, this is your turn, join them and change your life.
XOXO Banu 🙂

Soft skills for group leaders. Poznan, Poland, 2019

About the project

Soft skills for group leaders was a training course held in Poznan, Poland between 4th and 12th of January 2019. This training course was hosted by Logos Polska, which created it together with TURKIYE AVRUPA VAKFI.

Soft skills enable people to effectively navigate their environment and at the same time work well with others. They help to perform well and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. However, traditionally, people don't receive adequate soft skills training - either during vocational instruction or as part of on- the- job training. Ironically, for many people, the so-called soft skills are often some of the hardest skills to develop. Like hard skills, soft skills require a lot of practice to make a person really skilled at using them. Unlike hard skills, there are no exams to prove that you can do them. It is measured personally by how well a person manages the relationships with those around him/her.


  • To get  participants familiar with the current concept of soft skills, different groups of soft skills, and their importance in personal and career development
  • To develop  and  improve specific soft skills
  • To inspire the participants to promote  soft skills development among their colleagues,  youth target groups and other youth NGOs

Critical Thinking. Information hygiene. Poznan, Poland, 2018

Youth Exchange “Critical Thinking. Information hygiene” has been just finished. Good things always come to the end quickly. But let me share with you what I actually experienced: I gained lots of necessary information, met 32 enthusiastic and motivated people, learned some Hungarian, Slovakian and Czech, made good friends and created the new movement. How? Through the opportunity of international organization Visegrad Fund, which funded this YE.

This was an excellent chance for 32 youth people from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary to come together and plunge into the issue of media literacy, cognitive biases, raise the awareness and understanding of our cultures and countries.

Day by day we deal with the very simple to more serious issues. Various creative workshops led us to better understand the media influence and its effect. We all learned about different biases and how actually biased all people are. It all happens unconsciously. By judging Abigail’s decisions, we understood that not always we see the situation as it is, and we only evaluate everything from one perspective. Through the debate time, we tested our abilities to persuade people. Discussion of the current media situation in our countries made us more aware of how careful we should be with the media.

The biggest day was actually the OPEN EVENT, which was a rewarding moment for the participants. This day we showed and shared about our work done during the training course. It was amazing teamwork which turned in an online game “Do YOU KNOW YOURSELF?”, which we played online and after discussed our results and gave a clear explanation on biases. The colourful leaflets and posters were created about critical thinking. Lots of work has been done to translate the information which we had into Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian languages. The video team impressed everyone with their own creation of the notion “Critical Thinking”.

We have learned a lot and succeeded in a REALLY good result. All these we achieved due to the good work of our trainers Marko Boyko and Anna Golovchenko, who were always there leading us the right direction. We are grateful to the NGO “Logos Polska” for providing us with such opportunity to take part in the Youth Exchange, for support in preparation for the project. Finally, good things are happening for a reason. This good reason turned out to be us! Thanks to all people who were involved here and the organisation which made this event happen: Logos Polska, Centrum finanční gramotnosti, SYTEV, EBI - Egyesület Békéscsaba Ifjúságáért.

Check the video from the project