Critical Thinking. Information hygiene. Madaba, Jordan, 2019

Youth exchange “Critical thinking, informational hygiene.” was made in Madaba, Jordan from 15 till 24 of June 2019. This Youth exchange was supported by the Poland National Agency within Erasmus+ programme. This project was made within the Skepsis movement framework.

Together with young people from 6 countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, Ukraine, Poland and Norway we were trying to become more critical about the information we consume.

Project had following objectives:

  • To increase understanding of how media and social networks affect our perception
  • To increase media literacy among the participants
  • To develop skills of critical thinking among participants
  • To create possible activities for the Skepsis movement
  • To find common ground and innovative ideas for future partnerships
  • To raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries

As a result of this project, participants created various tools for developing critical thinking and media literacy. Theses tools include workshop, videos, infographics, quest, etc. You can find them as well as other materials on critical thinking in the Skepsis movement open folder:


Critical thinking Youth FORCE. Riga, Latvia, 2019

About the project

Critical thinking Youth Force was a Youth exchange that was hosted by Logos Latvia between 25th of April and 3rd of May 2019. This project was supported by the Latvian national agency as part of Erasmus+ programme and made within Skepsis movement framework. At this project we had 30 young people from Poland, Latvia, Czechia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Our aim
We aimed to share with all participants the initial idea of the Skepsis movement, and give them an opportunity to be part of it through developing various materials connected to topics of critical thinking and media literacy.

We had the following objectives:

  • To increase understanding of how media and social networks affect our perception;
  • To increase media literacy among the participants;
  • To develop skills of critical thinking among participants;
  • To create the possible activities for the Skepsis movement devoted to the critical thinking and media literacy;
  • To find common ground and innovative ideas for future partnership working using the skills and knowledge of people from diverse backgrounds;
  • To develop future projects on the topic;
  • To raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries;
  • To create a comics book.

Project results

At the project participants worked in several groups creating various materials connected with critical thinking. We presented these materials at the open event that took place in Riga in Bambus office. Below you can see the results of their work:

Brochure with basic information about critical thinking

Critical thinking promotion handbook

Debate activity

City quest

Video comics

Music video

Project partners

Logos Poland and Latvia

Modern Youth Academy

Institute of Youth power

Asociate Tom CR, Tom 21105 Dumanci


Creative spaceship. Ceuta, Spain, 2018

Creativity is one the most valued and essential skills in the modern world. This Youth Exchange was for youngsters who have interest in creative process, spirit of curiosity and desire to explore. For many people learning creativity can be very challenging.

The project aimed to create comfortable conditions where everybody will have an opportunity to develop their creativity. To achieve this, from the very beginning all the participants were involved in a project-long role play where everybody is a crew member of a spaceship.

The project took place in Ceuta, Spain between 2nd and 9th of November 2018.

Project objectives:

  • Implement a number of studies and join training to assist local authorities on matters of public interest
  • To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among public
  • To encourage public participation and strengthening links between local groups, schools, businesses and municipal authorities,
  • To ensure including, accepting and encouraging environment for youth with disabilities.
  • To counteract negative social phenomena, spreading in a youth environment, such as crime, aggression, addiction, prostitution, xenophobia and others
  • To work for action and measures to restore and improve the quality of the environment.

The project was hosted by association K'MON and implemented by following organisations:

  • Logos Polska - Poland
  • Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus Ltd - Cyprus
  • Asociacija Aktyvus Jaunimas - Lithuania
  • Evropske Centrum Mladeze Breclav - Czech Republic

Critical Thinking. Information hygiene. Poznan, Poland, 2018

Youth Exchange “Critical Thinking. Information hygiene” has been just finished. Good things always come to the end quickly. But let me share with you what I actually experienced: I gained lots of necessary information, met 32 enthusiastic and motivated people, learned some Hungarian, Slovakian and Czech, made good friends and created the new movement. How? Through the opportunity of international organization Visegrad Fund, which funded this YE.

This was an excellent chance for 32 youth people from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary to come together and plunge into the issue of media literacy, cognitive biases, raise the awareness and understanding of our cultures and countries.

Day by day we deal with the very simple to more serious issues. Various creative workshops led us to better understand the media influence and its effect. We all learned about different biases and how actually biased all people are. It all happens unconsciously. By judging Abigail’s decisions, we understood that not always we see the situation as it is, and we only evaluate everything from one perspective. Through the debate time, we tested our abilities to persuade people. Discussion of the current media situation in our countries made us more aware of how careful we should be with the media.

The biggest day was actually the OPEN EVENT, which was a rewarding moment for the participants. This day we showed and shared about our work done during the training course. It was amazing teamwork which turned in an online game “Do YOU KNOW YOURSELF?”, which we played online and after discussed our results and gave a clear explanation on biases. The colourful leaflets and posters were created about critical thinking. Lots of work has been done to translate the information which we had into Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian languages. The video team impressed everyone with their own creation of the notion “Critical Thinking”.

We have learned a lot and succeeded in a REALLY good result. All these we achieved due to the good work of our trainers Marko Boyko and Anna Golovchenko, who were always there leading us the right direction. We are grateful to the NGO “Logos Polska” for providing us with such opportunity to take part in the Youth Exchange, for support in preparation for the project. Finally, good things are happening for a reason. This good reason turned out to be us! Thanks to all people who were involved here and the organisation which made this event happen: Logos Polska, Centrum finanční gramotnosti, SYTEV, EBI - Egyesület Békéscsaba Ifjúságáért.

Check the video from the project

Carpathia Lab. Lviv, Ukraine, 2018

The Youth exchange Carpathia.lab brought 32 participants from 6 different countries together to explore the beauty, diversity and fragility of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains over a period of 14 days. The stunning scenery and the cultural diversity of the Ukrainian Carpathians is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

During the project, participants
• Explored the Ukrainian Carpathian mountain wilderness and engage with the human impact on this environment.
• Participated in a range of workshops on up-cycling and sustainable practices.
• Were part of an international team from Ukraine, Germany, Greece Georgia, Russia and Poland
• Developed initiatives for participant-led follow-up projects in their communities

Project was hosted by Logos Ukraine in Carpathia mountains and city of Lviv. At the same time it was developed by a consortium of organisations:

  • Germany - Grüner Grashalm e.V.
  • Ukraine - Logos znannya
  • Georgia - Citrus
  • Greece - Votsis Youth in Action Club
  • Poland - Logos Polska
  • Russia - INTERRA

Critical thinking – clean mind. Lviv, Ukraine, 2018

The main aim of the youth exchange Critical Thinking Clean Mind was to gather young people from 6 countries who worked together to improve the international movement devoted to developing critical thinking and media literacy skills among young people and to create ideas for future activities and projects in terms of this movement.

At this YE, we shared the initial idea of the Skepsis movement and allowed participants to be part of creating this movement.

For seven days (24th of May - 3rd of June, 2018), we worked on the movement’s concept, vision, possible activities at local and international levels, project plans, etc. We also created simple tools which could help to develop critical thinking, media literacy and help with dealing with fakes and disinformation.

At the end of the Youth exchange, we ran an open event in Lviv, where we invited locals to learn about the project and critical thinking. We had over 40 guests at this event.

Have a look at the video below which was made during the open event in Lviv.

And here are some simple tips on improving your critical thinking and media literacy

As a result of this project, participants created various tools for developing critical thinking and media literacy. Theses tools include workshop, videos, infographics, quest, etc. You can find them as well as other materials on critical thinking in the Skepsis movement open folder:


This youth exchange was initiated by Logos and Shokkin Group Norge and was funded by the Norwegian national agency within Erasmus+ programme. It was implemented by 6 organisations:

Shokkin Group Norge

Logos Ukraine

Logos Polska

Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Creativa


Shokkin' Group Danmark

Supported by:

Who? – If not we are. Vilagarcia, Spain, 2018

The aim of the project was to create a movement that promotes critical thinking and educates in this field. Participants were responsible for developing all aspects such as name, logo, visual identification, aims and goals of the movement, possible activities, promotion in social media. The culmination of workshops was a public event, which took place in Vilagarcía de Arousa on the last day. Our participants decided to educate local people through playing. We were dancing Macarena and encouraged people taking part in a game and other activities that we had prepared.

Everyone in our team had a great time meeting new people and expressing their thoughts on topics like fake news or social media literacy. But the most important this is that each of us has learned how to develop critical thinking and be aware of the source of the information we receive every day. We grasped the essentials of how information is able to affect our lives and perspectives.

Additionally, all of the participants had an opportunity to visit the editorial office of the local newspaper and consult on journalism and dealing with fake news with the professionals working in this field. Later on, by discussing this knowledge in the intercultural environment during our workshops, “Who? If Not We Are” project has allowed us to look at Europe’s most burning issues form the new, more wholesome perspective.

As a result of this Youth Exchange Logos and partners - Arousa Moza, Shokkin Group Norge, Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa, Hellenic Youth Participation and CSD started an international movement called Skepsis.

This youth exchange was implemented as a part of the Erasmus+ programme and was funded by the Spanish national agency.

At this project participants created various tools for developing critical thinking and media literacy. Theses tools include workshop, videos, infographics, quest, etc. You can find them as well as other materials on critical thinking in the Skepsis movement open folder: