Who? – If not we are. Vilagarcia, Spain, 2018

Who? – If not we are. Vilagarcia, Spain, 2018

The aim of the project was to create a movement that promotes critical thinking and educates in this field. Participants were responsible for developing all aspects such as name, logo, visual identification, aims and goals of the movement, possible activities, promotion in social media. The culmination of workshops was a public event, which took place in Vilagarcía de Arousa on the last day. Our participants decided to educate local people through playing. We were dancing Macarena and encouraged people taking part in a game and other activities that we had prepared.

Everyone in our team had a great time meeting new people and expressing their thoughts on topics like fake news or social media literacy. But the most important this is that each of us has learned how to develop critical thinking and be aware of the source of the information we receive every day. We grasped the essentials of how information is able to affect our lives and perspectives.

Additionally, all of the participants had an opportunity to visit the editorial office of the local newspaper and consult on journalism and dealing with fake news with the professionals working in this field. Later on, by discussing this knowledge in the intercultural environment during our workshops, “Who? If Not We Are” project has allowed us to look at Europe’s most burning issues form the new, more wholesome perspective.

As a result of this Youth Exchange Logos and partners – Arousa Moza, Shokkin Group Norge, Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa, Hellenic Youth Participation and CSD started an international movement called Skepsis.

This youth exchange was implemented as a part of the Erasmus+ programme and was funded by the Spanish national agency.

At this project participants created various tools for developing critical thinking and media literacy. Theses tools include workshop, videos, infographics, quest, etc. You can find them as well as other materials on critical thinking in the Skepsis movement open folder:


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